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Sacrario di Pianto Romano in Calatafimi Segesta in Sicily

Sacrario di Pianto Romano

SP61, Calatafimi Segesta
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About Sacrario di Pianto Romano

The Sacrario Pianto di Romano is a monument which was inaugurated in 1892 and designed by the architect Ernesto Basile from Palermo.

On May 15, 1860 a great battle took place in the intense heat of a Scirocco wind (a warm, dry wind from Africa) between Garibaldi and his mille (resistance army) and the Bourbons, who were by far in the majority. The battle, which lasted for over four hours and which was won by Garibaldi, was decisive for the organization of Sicily and the unification of Italy. In commemoration of this important battle, the mausoleum was built on the top of the conquered hill. The monument with obelisk is 30 meters high and cannot be missed if you follow the SS113. The monument is decorated with two bronze works by Giovanni Battista Tassara, portraying the battle near Calatafimi and the landing of Garibaldi and his mille in Marsala.

The mausoleum has an ossuary with the bones of soldiers who died during the battle. Girolamo Amato lives near the monument and he will open it for you, as soon as he spots you. He gives detailed explanations in Italian / Sicilian and at the end of the tour, a tip is appreciated.

The mausoleum is located near the temple and amphitheater of Segesta, so you can combine a visit to Segesta with a visit to the Sacrario Pianto di Romano.

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Sacrario di Pianto Romano

Calatafimi Segesta

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The monument can be visited all year round. Mr. Girolamo Amato lives near the monument and as soon as he spots some visitors he will show up and open the mausoleum.

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