General Terms and Conditions
Discover Sicily

1 Definitions
  1. Visitor: the person who visits the website.
  2. Information: data, information, material, documents, files etc., which are offered on the website.
  3. Discover Sicily, the company that issues the onsicilycard through the website:
Discover Sicily
Postbus 81
3360 AB Sliedrecht
the Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce number 59500727
VAT number NL002036590B77
  1. website: de internet site of Discover Sicily, in Dutch as well as in other languages. This concerns all pages of the website.
  2. onsicilycard: the discount card offered by Discover Sicily.
  3. cardholder: the person who has purchased the onsicilycard and whose last name is mentioned on the back of the onsicilycard.
  4. participant: the company that offers a discount or other advantage to the Cardholder, as described on the website.
  5. terms: these terms and conditions, which apply to the visiting of the website and to the use of the onsicilycard.
2 Applicability
2.1 By visiting or by in any other way using the website, an agreement between the Visitor and Discover Sicily comes about. The terms of apply to the agreement, with the explicit exclusion of any other terms.

2.2 The Visitor must accept these Terms; if the Visitor does not accept these Terms, the Visitor has no right to visit the website, or to use it in any other way, and the Visitor cannot purchase and use the onsicilycard.

2.3 Discover Sicily has the right to modify the Terms unilaterally and without prior notification.

3 Property and usage rights
3.1 All information that is offered on the website is and remains property of Discover Sicily or of suppliers of Discover Sicily. The information is protected by rights of industrial and intellectual property (copyright for example) and the Visitor explicitly does not have the right to trade, reproduce or publish the information or to violate the abovementioned rights in any other way.

3.2 The Visitor or a third party, does not have the right to add a connection gateway between the website and any other  (internet) site, (metal) search engine or computer network  whatsoever, other than by means of a so-called hyperlink or banner, without the prior, written permission of Discover Sicily.

3.3 Discover Sicily at all times is entitled to deny a party access to the website (without statement of reasons) and to take necessary technical steps for this.
4 Liability
4.1 Discover Sicily does not guarantee the information to always be correct and complete; Discover Sicily explicitly is not liable for ambiguities, errors or inaccuracies.

4.2 The Visitor is completely responsible and liable for the use of the Information and the onsicilycard, and – if this is of importance to the Visitor- the Visitor himself will assess the Information on correctness.

4.3 Discover Sicily is never liable for any damage whatsoever, as a result of or in connection with the use of the Information or the onsicilycard.

4.4 Discover Sicily does not guarantee that the Information does not violate rights of third parties and Discover Sicily does not indemnify the Visitors or third parties in this matter.

4.5 Discover Sicily is not liable, in any shape or form, for information, internet websites and such, of third parties, also if such can be acquired or approached through hyperlinks etc. or through the website.

4.6 In the event that, through the website transactions between the Visitor and a Participant have come about, Discover Sicily is in no way involved in such transactions and Discover Sicily is not in any way liable for such transactions or the consequences thereof.

5 The onsicilycard
5.1 validity and use:
a. In order to claim the discounts or other advantages mentioned on the website, the Cardholder needs to present the onsicilycard to the Participant in advance, otherwise the Participant may refuse the card. In case of contact between the Cardholder and the Participant through email or through the website of the Participant, the Cardholder needs to communicate their name and card number to the Participant, or in case they differ, follow the instructions on the information page of the Participant on the website.

b. The onsicilycard is valid during the on the back of the onsicilycard mentioned period and for the on the back of the onsicilycard mentioned number of persons, belonging to the travel group of the on the back of the onsicilycard mentioned Cardholder, and is non-transferrable.

c. The Cardholder can only claim the on the website mentioned discounts or other advantages for the number of persons that are mentioned on the back of his or her onsicilycard.

d. A participant is entitled to refuse the onsicilycard, to take it in and to destroy it, if the validity period of the onsicilycard has expired.

d. When requested by the Participant, the Cardholder needs to show a valid identity document to the Participant.

e. With some Participants, the onsicilycard can be used for a longer period than the validity period mentioned at the back of the onsicilycard. On the website is mentioned which Participants this concerns.

f. The onsicilycard cannot be exchanged for cash.

5.2 loss, theft or abuse of the onsicilycard:
a. A stolen, lost or mislaid onsicilycard will not be refunded by Discover Sicily.

b. In case of abuse of the onsicilycard, Discover Sicily reserves the right to block the onsicilycard or to declare it invalid.

6 Applicable law and disputes
6.1 Dutch law exclusively applies to all agreements between the Visitor and Discover Sicily. Disputes that are not settled amicably will be settled by the authorized judge in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

6.2 In the event that these Terms should appear to be completely or partially ineffective or voidable, parties are deemed to have agreed upon an arrangement on this matter, of which the meaning and effect are  most in line with the dissolved or voided Terms (or part of the Terms) and which does not justify dissolution or cannot be voided.
  1. Data Protection
7.1 See our privacy policy for this.