What is the onsicilycard?

The onsicilycard is a digital tourist guide with lots of touristic information in English (and Dutch) about all the places of interest in Sicily. The onsicilycard also offers tons of tips from people who know Sicily inside and out, about the best B&B's, hotels restaurants, bars and agriturismi and the most fun activities and workshops, such as cooking classes, wine tastings, trekking, horseback riding, cycling and much more! At most participants in the onsicilycard you'll also get a discount and/or other perks!

Our guide is updated as soon as we find out that entrance fees or opening hours are changed or, for instance, that a certain place of interest is temporary closed due to restoration activities.

Thanks to the navigation option, missing or bad signage and unclear addresses won't be an obstacle anymore: Now you can easily find and drive to all places of interest and all of our participants with your smartphone, your Garmin or your TomTom.

I have no onsicilycard. How can I get one?

You can order one on this page. Are you already in Sicily? No problem: You can now buy a digital onsicilycard online which can be used right away on this sunny island!

What does the onsicilycard cost?

The onsicilycard is valid for a whole year and for one adult including children younger than 12 years and costs 10 Euros (without shipping costs). You can easily add more people to the card, which costs: 5 Euros per child between the ages of 12 and 18 and 10 Euros per adult.

TIP: Buy the new digital onsicilycard now and get a 25% discount!

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can securely pay on our website with credit card, PayPal or IDeal.

How long does it take before I receive my onsicilycard?

After we’ve received your order, the onsicilycard will be shipped within two working days. It depends on the shipment method you choose (standard or certified/registered mail) how long it takes for the card to arrive. We advise you to buy your onsicilycard at least 10 days before your holiday in Sicily, or to buy the new digital onsicilycard. If you buy the new d igital onsicilycard, you'll get a 25% discount and you can use the card right away!

How do I activate my onsicilycard?

As soon as you’ve ordered your onsicilycard you’ll receive an email with a link to set your password. After this step your onsicilycard is activated

I’m already in Sicily. Can I still buy the onsicilycard?

Yes you can! You can buy a digital onsicilycard on this page, which can be used right away in Sicily!

What’s the validity period of the onsicilycard?

The onsicilycard is valid for a whole year!

Where in Sicily is the onsicilycard valid?

The onsicilycard is valid at all participants of the card that have a “Special for cardholders” section on their information page. Check out this page to see all participants. Always show your onsicilycard in advance in order to enjoy discounts and/or other perks (otherwise participants may refuse the card).

At which participants do I get a discount and or other perks?

You can get a discount and/or other perks at many onsicilycard participants in the categories: Accommodation, Food & Drink, Activities & Workshops and Miscellaneous. You'll find a list of all participants on the participants page. Always show your onsicilycard in advance in order to enjoy discounts and/or other perks (otherwise participants may refuse the card). The category Nature & Culture of our digital tourist guide offers useful, up-to-date information about lots of cultural and natural places of interest in Sicily.

You'll only need to show your onsicilycard at participants that offer a discount and/or other perks, mentioned under “Special for cardholders” on their information page.

What benefits do I have with the onsicilycard?

The onsicilycard helps you to discover the most beautiful places on the sunny island. Whether you're looking for archaeological parks, family run B&B's, luxury resorts, some fun activities or the best trattorias, you can find them on the onsicilycard website. Besides this, most participants offer you a discount and/or other perks, such as homemade jams, wine or olive oil and when you're in Sicily you will be able to navigate directly to these participants using your smartphone, your Garmin or your TomTom. Always show your onsicilycard in advance in order to enjoy discounts and/or other perks (otherwise participants may refuse the card).

The Nature & Culture category of our digital travel guide offer extensive information about castles, parks, nature reserves and museums in Sicily. As cardholder you can use your smartphone to easily navigate to these, often hard to find, places of interest. If the participants in this category have a "Special for cardholders" section on their information page, you'll also get a discount and/or other perks.

Can I use the onsicilycard on multiple travels to Sicily?

Yes, you can! The card is valid for a whole year.

How do you select participants?

We have chosen not to use a system where every entrepreneur who subscribes, is allowed to participate in the onsicilycard. We want to promote the very best of Sicily and have therefore chosen our participants based on the quality of their products and their services. Most participants have been personally visited and the other participants were chosen based on online reviews, in which case we used a positive score of 82% as the lower limit. Should the quality of the products and/or services of a participant deteriorate, he/she risks being removed from the list of participants. In short, it should not matter whether you stay in a small B&B or in a five star hotel or whether you're dining in a typical trattoria, or in a refined restaurant, at each participant of the onsicilycard you can expect a high quality product and service!

Can I visit a particular participant more than once?

Yes, you can! There are no limits to how many times you can visit a participant (within the validity period of your onsicilycard, which is a whole year).

Can I give my personal onsicilycard to someone else?

No, your onsicilycard is strictly personal and may not be used by someone who travels to Sicily within the validity period of your onsicilycard.

I have lost my onsicilycard. Now what?

If we are notified by a participant that they’ve found your onsicilycard, we will send you an e-mail to tell you where you can pick up the card. If your onsicilycard hasn’t been found, then you will not be reimbursed.

I forgot my password, now what?

Click on the log in page on “I’ve lost my pasword”, enter your email address and click on “send". You’ll receive a link to set a new password via email.

What happens to my data?

Your data are stored via a secure connection to our server and are used to send the card and, if requested, to send you our newsletter. Want to know more about the storage and processing of your data? Please read our privacy policy .

I would like to share my experiences about the onsicilycard or lodge a complaint. How can I reach you?

On our contact page you’ll find the email addresses that you can use to contact us.

My question is not listed. How can I contact you?

Visit our contact page for a list of email addresses you can use to contact us, or use the chat screen on this website.

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